Monday, May 11, 2009

Washington Vacation

We had a wonderful time in Washington over Steven's block leave. We spent several days in Woodland with Grandma Shirley who took us to see lots of the Columbia River Gorge. It was absolutely beautiful, and Grandma was an amazing tour guide! We also spent some time with Steven's Dad, Grandma Fundingsland, and Aunt Diane in Longview, WA. The time always goes by too quickly, but we really enjoyed visiting everyone!

We went down to the beach....Long Beach, WA...and stayed at his Uncle Odell and Aunt Carol's "Little House" which was wonderful...thanks again so much! We spent most of our time with Steven's mom, doing some projects around her house and enjoying her company. The weather was absolutely amazing, only sprinkled a couple times, which is unheard of in April out there! We just had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone....Mom, Dad, Grandmas, Paula and Rod, Diane, Debe, Norm & Sis, Odell & Carol....we hope to make it out again soon!

Columbia River Gorge
Grandma Shirley and Steven

North Bonneville Dam

Fish Ladders

Fish Hatchery
Dinner with Grandma Fundingsland and Aunt Diane
It was so great to spend time with Steven's Dad!
The Old Grist Mill in Woodland, WA

I was amazed at these moss covered trees, so beautiful!

Camellia Trees...I loved them...they were all over and in every color!
The Tulip Festival
Steven was so happy I took this picture.....
Monkey Tree
This Monkey tree was amazing and really sharp! Don't come too close!
North Head Lighthouse

Long Beach

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Seals on the docks on the Columbia River