Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Funny!

Well, the rumors are true....we're Pregnant!! Steven and I are so excited and we can't wait to meet Baby Funny around Jan 6th, 2010! I'm just over 9 weeks along right now and have been feeling great. Here are pictures from our first ultrasound last Thursday. You can see our little Peanut's head and triangular body. It was really an amazing experience for us, we got to hear and see the heartbeat, and we could see Baby moving around (we know it's just nerve reactions, but still VERY cool)! I made Steven take a picture of my growing belly (mostly for my scrapbook)...although it's not very noticeable, I feel the difference. It's a crazy experience, but we're loving it so far! More to come later....

Military Ball

The 4th Brigade's Military Ball was at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville this year. It was a huge event with more than 2000 guests! The dinner was delicious and we had a nice time.

The Huge 506 Ice Sculpture.

Steven and Sgt Grimm
At Dinner
Two of my FRG (Family Readiness Group) Girlfriends, Leah and Nikki

Camping Trip

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Greg and Sarah came down to Tennessee and we went camping at Lake Barkley. We had a great time, even though we got rained out. Thank God we didn't take Lacy, what a mess that would've been! We cut the trip short and went back to our house for the rest of the weekend...what a fun visit!
Our Campsite
The ONE and ONLY bite we got all weekend, Greg pulled in this huge catfish. We let the little lady go, we weren't up to messing with fish guts in the rain.
Our campsite was right on Lake Barkley.

Steven set up his Army Poncho thing and made us an extended was pretty sweet!