Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't get enough...

Our little man is just so much fun.  Since the weather has been nice lately, we've been playing outside everyday.  As soon as I say "James, do you want to go outside and play?" he runs to the door and bangs on the window!  He loves to push his car and stroller down the driveway and sidewalks, walk in the grass, throw the ball in the yard, and go to the park.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks. 

 The big slide was so fun, as well as picking up every pinecone and tree branch that he walked by.
 The swing, however, was not so fun. 

 We keep some of our photo albums in our guest bedroom, and I walked in there yesterday to find this!
 James found some albums from my childhood and was going through all of the pictures like a book.  so sweet!

 He loves his Christmas jammies from Grandma and wants to wear them all the time, so we let him!  He's also started to take his drink over to the step for a little rest and relaxation.  He backs himself up to the step and sits his little rear down on the edge.  There's something new every day!

 Books Books Books!  He's all about reading, turning pages, and sitting on our laps.  We can't get enough of this little guy and these special moments!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Play Date

Last week James and I went with Erin and Claire to a play date at Kat's house with her two kids, Kristin and Lilly.  The kiddos had a great time playing together, and Kat, Erin and I had a nice time catching up.  I just love play dates! 

 It was pretty hard getting all of the kids to smile at the same time for the picture.  Oh well, they're still cute! 
L to R: James, Kristin, Claire, Lilly

 James discovered the slide!  He had a hard time climbing up the back, but no problems at all going down!  He had a blast and loved to slide fast! 
 We drove to Kat's in Erin's car, so when we got home, James' car seat was in the living room for a few minutes.  James was in that seat non-stop, trying to figure out the clasps and working with the straps...he's going to be an engineer!

 Almost, buddy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Answered Prayers

It's amazing to see prayers answered after just a few days, but with our huge family and so many people praying, it doesn't surprise me!  God takes care of his children! 
My Grandma went HOME on Monday, not to the rehab hospital!  Besides being slightly unsteady on her feet, she's feeling like herself.  W.O.W.  Her recovery has been incredible, the doctors are amazed and no one can believe how quickly she's come out of this.  She is doing outpatient therapy twice a week for four weeks, but they don't expect her to be there for more than two weeks!  Her eyesight is mostly back to normal, and she's meeting with another therapist tomorrow to see if she's able to drive again.  amazing. 
Thank you for all of your prayers and support! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is this your kid?

I cannot wait until James is actually old enough to use this mop.  He pulled it out of the cleaning closet this afternoon and proceeded to push it around the kitchen and living room.  Steven helped to make it just the right size and he was a happy camper.  What is it with this kid and cleaning?  He's obsessed with the vacuum and now the mop...whose kid is this?  :)

 Look at that sweet face....love love love.

Friday, February 11, 2011


My grandma has made incredible progress in the last two days!  She went from absolutely no movement or sensation on her left side to up and walking today with just a little assistance!  It's amazing.  My grandma is definitely a fighter, but no one expected to see this much improvement so quickly.  I spoke with her on the phone this morning, and besides getting tired quickly and just a couple of slurred words, she sounded just like she always does.  Answered Prayers!  There's still a long road to recovery, but we're all feeling so encouraged.  :)  Praise God!

In other news....
we still don't have a new duty station.  Steven's still trying to work some magic to try and stay here at Campbell and maybe throw in a couple schools (Pathfinder and/or Ranger).  If Campbell isn't an option, then it's looking like Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX or Ft. Stewart in Savannah, GA.  It's a waiting game right now. 

We've had quite a few people look at our house and lots of positive feedback from ours and other Realtors, just no offers.  Agents say it's priced right and a beautiful home, we just haven't had the right buyer in the door.  Honestly, I'm kind of thankful though...since Steven doesn't have orders yet, the Army can't authorize movers to pack up our stuff.  I do not want to have to do a DITY (do it yourself) move.  Right now we're just trusting God and his timing, praying it will all work out.  :)

I've had and eventful week full of x-rays and an MRI on my lower back.  I hurt my back playing volleyball in college, and have had the same symptoms on and off throughout these past 8 years.  However, these past 13 months hauling this monster kid around has left me with a broken back...literally... okay, i may be exaggerating a little bit with the "broken" back, but i do have a few small fractures "Spondylolysis," Degenerative Disc and Bone Disease, and few bulging discs. 
I was pretty freaked out yesterday when I got these results back from the radiologist (I can't see my Doctor for an interpretation or treatment plan until Friday, ughh), so I was pretty scared after Googling all of these big scary words on the report.  Thankfully, my best friend, Anna, is an MD and helped me understand what's really going on and calm my anxious self down!  There is no nerve damage or spinal cord stenosis so hopefully it's mostly muscular.  We hope some good 'ole physical therapy will do the trick.  I'm anxious to see my doctor on Friday and get a recovery plan in place. 

wow, that was a long post....there's a whole lot going on! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grandma Q

My Grandma Quance was admitted to the hospital last night (Tuesday) suffering from a stroke.  She has lost control of most of her left side including her vision in her left eye.  Unfortunately, her right eye was injured 50 years ago, so blind in that eye, and now very limited vision in her "good" left eye makes the situation that much more severe.  Last night they determined from a CT scan that she wasn't hemorrhaging in the brain, so they administered a blod clot diffusing drug.  They expected that to help and for her show signs of improvement by morning, but that wasn't the case.  Her symptoms were more severe this (Wed) morning and they found she had another stroke around 2:30am. 

She had many tests today: MRI, MRA, CT, CTA, etc, etc... trying to find out what was causing her severe symptoms because her tests were not showing correlating results.  Anyway, after a long day of waiting for answers and a diagnosis, we finally know that she suffered several mini strokes in different parts of the brain.  We've been told this is better than one big stroke with massive blockage in a single part of the brain.  She will have a long road to recovery, but the worst is now over. 

My Grandma Quance is such a strong woman, and I know she'll pull through and recover.  She is the most active, busy, fit, and strong 80+ year old woman I know.  She rides her stationary bike 30 minutes each day, volunteers at the hospital, hospice and church, knits, reads, attends every grandkid's event, cooks, cleans, gardens, never EVER complains or feels sick or pain...she's just an amazing woman!  If I'm half as strong and active as she is when I'm her age then I'll be in good shape!  I know with God's grace and her determination, she'll be back to herself before we know it! 

Love you so much, Grandma Ginny, we're all praying for you!  You too, Grandpa Ray, wish I was there to give y'all hugs.  James sends big slobbery kisses your way!

New Shoes

James found a new game....wearing our shoes or anything he can stick his foot into!  He travels all around the house dragging these extra large accessories, but just one at a time, and only on his right foot.  I know I have big feet for a 5'6" woman, but these size 10's look enormous on little James!