Friday, February 11, 2011


My grandma has made incredible progress in the last two days!  She went from absolutely no movement or sensation on her left side to up and walking today with just a little assistance!  It's amazing.  My grandma is definitely a fighter, but no one expected to see this much improvement so quickly.  I spoke with her on the phone this morning, and besides getting tired quickly and just a couple of slurred words, she sounded just like she always does.  Answered Prayers!  There's still a long road to recovery, but we're all feeling so encouraged.  :)  Praise God!

In other news....
we still don't have a new duty station.  Steven's still trying to work some magic to try and stay here at Campbell and maybe throw in a couple schools (Pathfinder and/or Ranger).  If Campbell isn't an option, then it's looking like Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX or Ft. Stewart in Savannah, GA.  It's a waiting game right now. 

We've had quite a few people look at our house and lots of positive feedback from ours and other Realtors, just no offers.  Agents say it's priced right and a beautiful home, we just haven't had the right buyer in the door.  Honestly, I'm kind of thankful though...since Steven doesn't have orders yet, the Army can't authorize movers to pack up our stuff.  I do not want to have to do a DITY (do it yourself) move.  Right now we're just trusting God and his timing, praying it will all work out.  :)

I've had and eventful week full of x-rays and an MRI on my lower back.  I hurt my back playing volleyball in college, and have had the same symptoms on and off throughout these past 8 years.  However, these past 13 months hauling this monster kid around has left me with a broken back...literally... okay, i may be exaggerating a little bit with the "broken" back, but i do have a few small fractures "Spondylolysis," Degenerative Disc and Bone Disease, and few bulging discs. 
I was pretty freaked out yesterday when I got these results back from the radiologist (I can't see my Doctor for an interpretation or treatment plan until Friday, ughh), so I was pretty scared after Googling all of these big scary words on the report.  Thankfully, my best friend, Anna, is an MD and helped me understand what's really going on and calm my anxious self down!  There is no nerve damage or spinal cord stenosis so hopefully it's mostly muscular.  We hope some good 'ole physical therapy will do the trick.  I'm anxious to see my doctor on Friday and get a recovery plan in place. 

wow, that was a long post....there's a whole lot going on! 

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