Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Sweet Boy...

James is 7 months old already, where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday he could fit in the crook of one arm, and now he's takes up my whole lap and is crawling all over the place!  He is such a happy little guy, smiles and laughs all day, loves to eat everything, can't get enough of the pool and bathtub, goes right to sleep when you lay him down for bed or naps, loves to hear mommy sing (we're going to have his hearing checked!), chases Lacy, and is crawling everywhere!  He is such a joy and we love watching him do something new every day.  James definitely knows his daddy too...he makes a B-line for the computer screen when we skype, it's so adorable! 

My girlfriend, Regan, came over last night and took pictures of James for us.  She has some serious talent and loves to take pictures, so we take her up on her offer as often as we can!  Regan, thank you so much, these are truly amazing!  James was such a good sport, even in this crazy Tennessee heat.  He started off with smiles and ended with a bang...literally...poor guy fell off his little blue chair.  Mommy thought she caught him before contact with the ground, but there was a nasty rock sticking up that bit him.  :-(  He was so chill about it though, cried for a whole 10 seconds and was over it, he even let me hold ice (frozen veggies) on his head for 20 minutes!  Good thing, because that big egg is just a small bruise today, not even a raised bump.  pheww....I was worried and felt horrible!  what a tough cookie!

Steven James Fundingsland, 7 months old.

10 Year Reunion

It's hard to believe ten years have passed since high school.  When I get together with my friends from Northrop, it feels like we could still be roaming the halls, playing ball, and living the easy life!  hahaa.  Most people don't have fond memories of high school, but I truly loved every minute!  I had an amazing group of friends and amazingly enough, we're all still really close.  We call ourselves the Roots and Wings....maybe a little cheesey to you, but it defines us.  Most all of us have moved away, but we still make it a priority to get together once a year in Fort Wayne.  I'm so thankful for these amazing ladies. 

That being said, three of us were class officers and thus, in charge of this reunion.  It turned out great, but it was nothing less than a nightmare from the beginning.  We have a class of 475+ so we were sure we'd get a decent crowd.  We booked a banquet room, DJ, provided pizza and beer, and set up an online account to purchase tickets.  Well, we should've known better than to put all of our own personal money up front (there was no fund from the high school) because people did not purchase tickets ahead of time.  We were freaking out!  Only 60 tickets were sold before the reunion began, and that included all of roots and wings and their significant others...that's like 20 people....we were in trouble. 

Thankfully people showed up at the door!  We ended up having about 150 people there, and it really turned out great.  We got all our money back, but not an extra penny to spare.  Next reunion we'll have a different plan, but we're so thankful it turned out okay.  Pheww....!  Anyway, here are a few pictures from the night, unforunately I didn't get picutres of more of our class.  I'll have to do better next time.  :-)

Angie and her parents invited us all over for a pool party and cookout with our families on Sunday.  It was nice to get the kids together and have a little more time to visit.  Thanks so much Jerry and Anna for opening your home, we had a blast! 

Angie, me, Megan:  The Reunion Committee
Roots and Wings
 Top L to R:   Megan, Mandy, Lyndsey, Angie, Zehra, Nicole, Heather, Jenae
Bottom Row: Janelle, Jody
Ty (megan's hubby), Steven (mine), Steve (angie's fiance)
Janelle, Lyndsey, Jody
Me, Janelle, Heather, Zehra
Me, Megan, Janelle, Heather
Justin and Nicole
Angie and Steve, Jody and husband Mike, Justin (Janelle's fiance)
Heather and husband BJ - high school sweethearts! 
Shannon, Angie and Gerald
Lynds and Rachel
Shannon and husband Robert, Megan and husband Ty
Mandy and hubby Matt
Eric and wife Amanda
Robert, Steve, Steven, Ty
Hard to get all the kiddos to smile at the same time!  Still, super cute! 
Left to Right:  Cole (Megan's), Macy (Heather's), James (mine), Eli and Noah (Jody's)
Jody and her oldest son, Noah
James loves the water, he was in so long his toes got pruney!
Cole and James
Noah kept kissing Cole!  too cute!
Macy was lovin on James!
Megan and Cole, Me and James, Mike and Eli.