Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Little Dragon...

James was a riot tonight.  We had the hardest time getting him into his costume, he fought, cried, and didn't want to go outside.  After some persuading, we got him out the door and to the neighbor's house.  He was a little scared at first, but after a few houses, he warmed right up.  He isn't able to say "Trick or Treat" yet, but he said "Thanks" and "Bye-bye" to everyone who gave him candy, it was pretty darn cute.

When we got home, he wouldn't take his dragon costume off!  He helped me pass out candy and would run to the door squeeling with glee every time the doorbell rang.  He would pick out the Whoppers and put one in each kid's bag as I loaded them down with additional candy.  Then he'd yell "Bye" and shut the door!  so sweet!   He finally got hot and sweaty, so dragon came off, but it didn't stop the fun.  He was on a serious sugar high after 3 mini candy bars...Almond Joy, Rolos, and Snickers...and had a hard time getting to sleep, but he's out now.  Hopefully until 6:30am.... :) 

Saturday, October 29, 2011


During some of Steven's time off these past two weeks, we landscaped a big corner of our backyard.  We planted this silver maple tree when we first moved in, but always knew we wanted to put a flower bed around it.  So this week we killed the grass, cut the landscape timbers into the shape we wanted, planted some fun new plants and 100 tulip bulbs, and then laid mulch.  In addition, we also framed off a garden that we will till and plant this spring.  James played hard outside with us and we found little jobs that he could do to help.  We are  really happy with the results. 

Mexican Petunias 
 Some pretty bush...I can't remember the name....
 Some type of juniper...
 Knockout Roses...these bloom 10 months out of the year and if you keep them pruned, will be thick, big bushes.  yay! 
 Garden....I can taste the tomatoes, basil, dill, and zucchini now! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Festival

The Bamboo farm near our house had it's annual Fall Festival this past Saturday, and we went with our friends Rachel and Wesley.  We picked out some unique and decorative pumpkins, shopped the local vendor booths, bought some plants and flowers, and took a helicopter ride!  just ride, James just got to sit in the chopper and pretend :)  We had a really nice time, then headed back to Rachel and Wesley's house and met another couple for dinner, pumpkin carving, campfire and games.  Perfect fall day! 

 Pumpkins from Left:  Wesley's, Steven's, James', Jenae's, Theresa & Jack's, & Rachel's

Jacksonville Zoo

We took a day trip down to Jacksonville, FL on Friday to check out the zoo.  It was awesome!  We had a perfect sunny and 72 degree day, and James was excited beyond belief.  He loved all of the animals and the train, and he was so happy the entire 3.5 hours we were there.  He jabbered at all of the animals, pointed and giggled with glee when they'd look at him or come much fun!