Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Little Dragon...

James was a riot tonight.  We had the hardest time getting him into his costume, he fought, cried, and didn't want to go outside.  After some persuading, we got him out the door and to the neighbor's house.  He was a little scared at first, but after a few houses, he warmed right up.  He isn't able to say "Trick or Treat" yet, but he said "Thanks" and "Bye-bye" to everyone who gave him candy, it was pretty darn cute.

When we got home, he wouldn't take his dragon costume off!  He helped me pass out candy and would run to the door squeeling with glee every time the doorbell rang.  He would pick out the Whoppers and put one in each kid's bag as I loaded them down with additional candy.  Then he'd yell "Bye" and shut the door!  so sweet!   He finally got hot and sweaty, so dragon came off, but it didn't stop the fun.  He was on a serious sugar high after 3 mini candy bars...Almond Joy, Rolos, and Snickers...and had a hard time getting to sleep, but he's out now.  Hopefully until 6:30am.... :) 

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Legaspi Family said...

So cute! Ava said her favorite part of Halloween was handing out the candy too!!!