Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Sport

My little model has been helping me search out photo shoot locations this week.  He's been a good sport for the most part.  I think I'm going to try this photography thing, we'll see how it goes!  I need a few more families as test/trial runs before I launch a business...and a name!  any suggestions?  "Jenae Fundingsland Photography" is quite a mouth full, I need another direction! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My first photo shoot...

I just finished editing my very first photo shoot and these are a few of my favorites!  I think for a beginner they turned out okay, I have a lot of learning to do and lots of work on Photoshop...that program is crazy hard.  I hope Kristin, Jamal and baby Caleb like them! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Potty Training

We started potty training about 2.5 weeks ago and it has been.........interesting.  We went out and bought brand new Thomas the Train big boy underwear, and he loved them!  He'd put them on, run into our room, look at himself in the full length mirror and just giggle and cheer!  "Look at my underwear, mommy!"  adorable.  He got the pee thing down in about 2 days, the #2 situation has not worked as well.  That first day or two he went twice on the potty, but we've had lots of dirty accidents since.  We have tried bribery, excitement, candy rewards, everything.  He now says "I no poop on potty anymore!"  boo!  what do we do?? 

We have now regressed backwards into pull-ups.  It's too hard and nasty to change a dirty pair of underwear twice a day vs. a quick pull-up change, not to mention the loads of sanitizing laundry!  ugh.  I need help.  I need patience.  The kid is so stubborn.  He knows exactly what he's doing, too, which is the hard part.  He'll go hide in the closet or around the corner and yell "go away" if I try to come near.  Worse yet, if we catch him mid-go and try to get him to the potty, he'll have a bloody-murder throw down kicking screaming fit about it. 

My mom and mother-in-law keep telling me that patience is the key and to not get upset.  But how do you not get upset when they know how to do it, have done it before, yet deliberately disobey?  We have put the fun underwear away, up in the closet and he doesn't get to wear them anymore until he can be a big boy.  Makes me sad because I loved watching him strut around the house in his fancy pants! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tall Ships

While Alaine and Wes were on their honeymoon, James and I hooked up with Miles (their son and James' best little buddy) and Alaine's mom and ventured downtown to the river to see the Tall Ships!  They come in from all over the world to perform (I think) and show off their pretty sails!  We went down the day before all the craziness started so we didn't have to deal with the crowds.  The ships were just arriving, and the boys were awestruck!  We also took a little ferry ride across the river.  The boys walked the entire way, which is a lot for little legs, and we had to stop for a little ice cream treat on the walk back to the car.  :)  Lots of fun!

This is obviously not one of the Tall Ships in the show, but a huge freight ship that is a regular in the port on the Savannah River.  I just found out that Savannah is the largest port in the US next to Long Beach, CA!  wow! 

Celebrating the Sparks!

Our friends Alaine and Wesley Sparks got married last Saturday night, and we had two fun filled weekends celebrating!  The girls all got together for a Bachelorette party for Alaine.  We started the night off at a Japanese Hibachi grill whee we had an awesome meal, then went to the Art Buzz Studio where we each painted a beautiful magnolia flower, and ended downtown with some dancing!  We had a great time!

I had never been to an art party before, but I will definitely be going again.  What a great time!  You sign up with a group and all decide before hand on the piece you're going to paint.  They provide you all the materials, an instructor to take you step by step through the process, a great atmosphere, and a little sangria to give you some liquid courage!  It was a blast!  We all ended up with fantastic results!

The following weekend was the Sparks' wedding, and it was beautiful and fun!  Congratulations Alaine and Wes!

 They first teach you how to paint the background....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super Fort!

James and I have made blanket forts before....but nothing like Uncle Greg's SUPER FORT!  It took up James' entire bedroom!  Thanks for the fun!