Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Shower: Roots & Wings Style!

We call ourselves "Roots and Wings." I know it may sound silly, but these are my high school friends- a group of 11- and we all still stay in touch. We have "wings" because we live all over the country: Chicago, Fort Wayne, Boston, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Michigan, and Alabama, and “roots” because we always get together at least once a year in Fort Wayne to reconnect. Plus, we stay in touch via phone and email all year long, it really is an exceptional group of women and unique that we all still like each other!! :-)
Well, this year, three of us are pregnant…all due within a 2 month window…so we had a super fun “Roots and Wings” shower this past weekend. Megan is due Dec 3rd, I’m due Jan 6th, and Heather is due Jan 30th! It was so great seeing everyone and getting to celebrate together!
The icing on the cake….Jody’s mom is doing so much better! She is out of ICU, sitting all day and even standing for short periods of time, talking clearly and making progress every day! Answered prayers for sure! She is still struggling with phenomena and she is in some pain, plus in the next few weeks they’ll put in a pacemaker to keep her heart in rhythm so this won’t happen again! I know I’m missing specific details, but the bottom line is that Julie is a miracle! Praise God but please keep praying!
We're all having, 6 months ago Jody had her 2nd boy, Eli.
The three sets of blue cute!

The gift table

Preggers...Megan, Heather and Jenae

Roots and Wings: From Left Standing: Zehra, Jody, Angie, Nicole
From Left Sitting: Janelle, Heather & Daughter Macy, Jenae, Megan, Mandy & Jody's son Eli.

I can't decide which pic I like better!

There's one with Noah peeking his head through in the cute!

Megan: 33.5 weeks. Jenae: 28.5 weeks. Heather: 25 weeks.

Angie's mom got all of us these adorable Colts cute!

Opening Gifts

Super Soft blankets and rattles

The Wee Blocker!! That's right...a little "cup" to guard our poor faces during those boy diaper changes. Machine Washable! Jody has 2 boys and thinks these are essential!

We played the string game...where you guess how big each Mommy to Be is around by cutting a piece of string. Well, Janelle, Angie, and Nicole were a little off...the strings they cut were taller then they are! Come on guys...we're not THAT big!

Angie's guess was so overly big, we all fit into her string. Yikes.

Zehra and Jody

Angie, Eli and Nicole

Some of the gifts up close. Thank you all, they are so beautiful! Steven and I can't wait to use them with our little guy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prayers needed and other news...

There has been so much going on these past few weeks, most importantly is the need for prayer for Julie Orendorff. Some of you may remember one of my best friends, Jody (Orendorff) Trent, we went to high school together…well her mother, Julie, had a tragic incident last week. She is a nurse and was found on duty completely unconscious, they had to bring her back via CPR and was one of the most critical patients in ICU last week. The scary thing is…no one can figure out what happened or how long she was without oxygen! All of her stats and symptoms don’t match up with anything the doctors can figure out…and last week they didn’t know if there was any hope.

We were asked to pray for a miracle…well let me tell you…prayer is a very powerful thing! She has greatly improved over the last week, but she’s still not out of the clear. Please keep Julie, her husband Greg, and their kids Jody, Jessica, and Megan in your prayers. Also, I obviously don’t have all the technical terms down for what’s going on, but Jody is a nurse practitioner and updates this blog daily with Julie’s progress. If you’d like to keep up with her, just follow this link and click “become a member”. You’ll be sent and email every time there is a new status update. Please pray.

In other news…I’m unexpectedly traveling back to Fort Wayne this weekend! In my group of 11 friends from high school, Megan, Heather and I are all pregnant right now, due within a month of each other! Our friends are throwing us a shower…plus we just need an excuse to get’s been too long! We were going to have the shower in Indy at Megan’s house, but with everything going on with Jody’s family, we want to be in Fort Wayne. It will be a super quick trip, and I really hope Steven is able to come with me, he might have to work. If not, I plan on staying with Greg and Sarah in Bloomington on Friday and Sunday night to break up the trip…I better ask them if I can! :-)

Here are some pictures from this morning; I’ll be 28 weeks tomorrow! This pregnancy has flown by. Baby Funny is probably going to be either a soccer player or a punter the way he’s been kicking me lately! It’s such an amazing thing! The last picture is so ridiculous…Steven made me laugh and wouldn’t take another one…oh well…I am so happy…we are so excited!