Monday, August 24, 2009

20 Weeks

I finally have a little baby bump! It's exciting! I'm 20 weeks and 4 days in this picture, and I'm still feeling great. Last weekend after we found out it was a boy, we went down to Nashville to the HUGE Babies R Us, it was awesome! We realized that there is way too much stuff we want to buy this little guy...we're feeling the pocketbook pressure already...yikes! We registered for a bunch of stuff, and it was so fun watching Steven get so pumped about little boy gear, it just warmed my heart :-)

If any of you have been to our house, the room we have for the Nursery is TINY, and frankly there isn't much room anywhere in our house for a bunch of extra baby stuff. We're trying to get creative about storage options and went to Lowe's yesterday to look at closet organization units. We're coming up with some good ideas and hope to get some of that sorted out in the near future. My exciting news for the day...we bought a glider yesterday from this amazing website , they have tons of household items at pretty reasonable prices. We think we're going to get a storage ottoman for the living room too...the one we have now is looking rough and not very baby friendly! So many things to do, so little time! Oh, we picked out a paint color for the nursery yesterday, too...our project for this weekend!

In other news, my high school team has their first official volleyball match tonight. Go Hawks!

20 Weeks

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Fundingsland Name Continues....

That's right....It's a BOY!
I had my Anatomy Scan this morning, and it was really an awesome experience. Even though Steven wasn't there, I saw him right after and delivered the good news! The Tech didn't tell me what it was...I had him write the sex down on a card, but it was pretty hard to miss when I was watching the ultrasound pictures! I could see a 4 chambers of the heart beating, the kidneys, the spine, the brain, the belly and bladder, and the special boy parts!! At the Army hospital, the OB does not do the anatomy scan, you have to go to the X-Ray and Ultrasound Lab, so I had a technician that I'd never met before, but he did a great job. He was very friendly and told me everything I was looking at. He is not a radiologist, so he is not legally allowed to say how things look and if they are measuring correctly...but he pretty much said that Baby looks like a healthy boy!

I was a little worried that I hadn't felt the baby move yet, and he actually brought that up...he said my placenta is on top of the uterus, so it's blocking me from feeling much of anything. He said I should begin to feel some kicking in a week or so...can't wait!

Here are some pictures!

Face Profile

In this one, (above) both hands are up at his face, one is on his chin.

Another face and body profile...who does he look like? can you tell?
It's DEFINITELY a Boy (above)! Hopefully you won't have any problems telling.... :-)

Body Profile. You can see the black circle in the chest...that's the heart! It was 130 BPM today.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

IT'S A ....................


Yes, I know, that was our reaction too! Bummer. I had my OB appointment and my doc did a quick ultrasound just for fun. Steven wasn't able to go with me (he's just got the XO position for B Co. in 2nd Infantry Batt!!!! yay!) he had lots of meetings that day he couldn't get out of. So, we asked the Doc to write down the sex of the baby in a card so that we could open it together and still have our little "we're having a..." moment.

well, Doc thinks it's a girl, and his assistant thinks it's a boy...that's what they wrote in the card. :-( We'll just have to wait until next Thursday when I have my big Anatomy Scan. There they will check out all of Baby's bones, organs, and hopefully until next week, we still won't be purchasing any baby clothes. :-( pout...