Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fun

James and I celebrated Jesus' Resurrection on Easter Sunday with my family in Ft. Wayne this year.  Our big extended family all got together for fellowship, food and fun after church, and James had a blast hunting for eggs with his 2nd cousins, Josh and Ellie.  I was pretty surprised to see how well James was able to find them!  He wasn't too excited about the candy inside, but he sure had fun shaking them and putting them in his basket! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cows and Courage

My Godparents, Cindy and Al Kuehnert, have a dairy farm in Ft. Wayne, and James, Mom and I went over there this week for a visit.  Growing up, I spent lots of time at this farm playing with their son, Nathan, who is the same age as I am.  Playing in the hay barn, feeding the calves, riding the 4-wheeler, and swimming in the pond are all fun memories I have of this awesome place.  I had an appointment with Cindy to have my hair cut, and we went a little early to show James the cows!  He really enjoyed it.  I thought he might have been a little scared, but he went right up to the calves and was very brave :) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So Proud...

My brother in law, David, returned Saturday from a year long deployment in Afghanistan.  Steven, James and I were there to see him get off the plane and welcome him home.  It brings you to tears to hear a year's worth of pent up of anticipation, joy, worry, love, and raw emotion come out in the shouts of the families as they see their soldier get off the plane, and as they shout out their name as they walk by.  To see them in formation, walking into the hanger for the ceremony brings so much pride.  We are so proud of David for his hard work, dedication to his country and fellow soldiers, and for making it through some tough years.  It also makes me so proud of my own husband and thankful for the country we live in and the people who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect it.  I feel blessed to just be part of it all. 
Welcome Home David!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's been entertaining...

Eating has always been James' favorite part of the day, and lately he's been demanding utensils.  He's still not great at getting the food into his mouth, but he does a pretty good job of stabbing it with his fork.  It's a good thing we're back with Lacy...aka the Vacuum...because this new little skill creates quite a mess on the floor! 

Also, James has really enjoyed playing with Aunt Anna this week.  She and Scott came to stay at Mom and Dad's with James and I this week, and they brought their kitten, Sheldon.  Sheldon is a risk taker...he has tormented Lacy all week!  It's been quite comical.  He sneaks up on Lacy and whacks at her ears or tail...it's amazing Lacy puts up with it.  It's been entertaining!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is a really hard post to write.  These wonderful women and their amazing husbands have been our core group of friends at Ft. Campbell.  We have made so many memories together from vacations, to deployments, weekends, parties, pregnancy, kids, crafts, laughs, tears, game nights, festivals, shopping, food, wine, cookouts, conversations....you name it, we've done it together.  It's so hard to say goodbye to friends who have been by your side through everything...you all are irreplaceable!  Come visit us in Savannah, and we'll come visit you too! 

We went to the Melting Pot in Nashville for one last night on the town.  Steven and I have already PCS'd and Erin and Daniel are going to Ft. Rucker next week.

Me & Steven, Lisa & Eric, Mary & Kieth, Erin & Daniel
Not pictured but still very important: Regan & Josh, Holly & Mark

Spiritual Sisters

These ladies have been my spiritual sisters for the past three years.  We were all in the Military Wives Bible Study group at Gateway Christian Church at one point or another.  Not only did we share our faith, struggles, celebrations, and so many memories, but we have developed some true and lasting friendships.  I have learned so much from these amazing women and will truly miss them.  In the transient Army life, moving doesn't always mean "goodbye"...but hopefully "see you again soon!"

We said "See you later" at a fun Mexican feast last week, thanks again ladies!

Delilah, Amie, Jenae, Kim, Kelly, Vickie, Sarah, Kelly