Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's been entertaining...

Eating has always been James' favorite part of the day, and lately he's been demanding utensils.  He's still not great at getting the food into his mouth, but he does a pretty good job of stabbing it with his fork.  It's a good thing we're back with Lacy...aka the Vacuum...because this new little skill creates quite a mess on the floor! 

Also, James has really enjoyed playing with Aunt Anna this week.  She and Scott came to stay at Mom and Dad's with James and I this week, and they brought their kitten, Sheldon.  Sheldon is a risk taker...he has tormented Lacy all week!  It's been quite comical.  He sneaks up on Lacy and whacks at her ears or's amazing Lacy puts up with it.  It's been entertaining!

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Katie Clark said...

hahaha :) Lacy seems to have calmed down a LOT since the last time I saw her -- I still remember when she scared the poop (literally) out of Ody! What a funny girl -- I'm so glad she gets along with James (and the kitten doesn't seem to be in too much danger either)! :) I hope and pray my girls are just as tolerant of our new little man -- their world is about to flip upside-down :)