Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Bump - 16 weeks

Well, I was hoping I would be showing a little more than I am at 4 months...I really feel like I've just been eating too much these last 4 months! :-) Oh well, I can definitely feel the difference, and I'm down to only about 3 pairs of pants that fit. I've put on about 5-7 lbs total so far, depends on the day :-) I have not felt that "Flutter" of a baby kick yet, but we really hope that will happen soon.

My last OB visit was on July 7th and we heard the heartbeat again through a doppler microphone or whatever it's called...Baby was 140 BPM, right in the middle of the normal range! Our next OB appt. is Aug. 7th and then we have my Anatomy Scan on the 13th. They say they should be able to tell the sex at one of those appointments..YAY!

Besides that, I'm feeling great! Here's a pic, clothes don't show so much, so it's another bare belly...sorry!

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Tile

Here you promised, pictures of our new tile. This has been a HUGE job, and one we didn't really plan on getting into. Here's the story....we were at Home Depot (we should have bought stock in that company) shopping for carpet, and our sales guy asked if we like slate tile. We both said of course, and he asked if we wanted to buy 300 sq/ft for $25!!! This company just came out with new packaging and they had to get rid of all of their old inventory...lucky for us! Well, you can't turn down an offer like that, and we really did need something new in our bathrooms.

So we bought the tile, borrowed all the tools from some of Steven's friends, read some books and jumped in. About a month later, we're finally done. We finished the kitchen last night, and we're touching up the bathroom paint tonight and putting the toilet back in. The guest bathroom has been done for a while, but no pics on here. It really wasn't too bad, just time consuming. Amazingly, we didn't have to purchase one extra tile, but we used every single piece of what we perfect is that! AND we finally got new carpet! you can kinda see it from one of the kitchen pictures.

Other News Update: I have my next ultrasound on Aug 7th with my OB, then my anatomy scan on the 13th...they say we'll be able to find out the sex on one of those days. I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday already! wow, it's flown by and I'm feeling great. I'll post some baby bump pics soon!

My tool man!

Kitchen demo and ugly linoleum before
Demo...that dang glue wouldn't come up!

Living room chaos! This was home for the fridge and stove for about a week...and you can see our hideous old carpet in the, I hated that nasty carpet!

First half down with Mortar and spacers - This is the position Lacy stayed in the whole time, we wouldn't let her in the kitchen and she pouted. :-)

Full Kitchen laid out, no grout yet.

Before grout, but you can really see all the different colors of the tile, we love it!

Kitchen finally done!

You can see our new carpet in the background's so nice!

Master Bathroom before demo.

Check out those knee-pads!

Steven cutting the bottom off the closet doors so the tile will fit underneath.

1/2 done!
Tile up close, each one is so different!

First fruits from my garden. Anyone need basil or tomatoes?