Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tall Ships

While Alaine and Wes were on their honeymoon, James and I hooked up with Miles (their son and James' best little buddy) and Alaine's mom and ventured downtown to the river to see the Tall Ships!  They come in from all over the world to perform (I think) and show off their pretty sails!  We went down the day before all the craziness started so we didn't have to deal with the crowds.  The ships were just arriving, and the boys were awestruck!  We also took a little ferry ride across the river.  The boys walked the entire way, which is a lot for little legs, and we had to stop for a little ice cream treat on the walk back to the car.  :)  Lots of fun!

This is obviously not one of the Tall Ships in the show, but a huge freight ship that is a regular in the port on the Savannah River.  I just found out that Savannah is the largest port in the US next to Long Beach, CA!  wow! 

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