Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celebrating the Sparks!

Our friends Alaine and Wesley Sparks got married last Saturday night, and we had two fun filled weekends celebrating!  The girls all got together for a Bachelorette party for Alaine.  We started the night off at a Japanese Hibachi grill whee we had an awesome meal, then went to the Art Buzz Studio where we each painted a beautiful magnolia flower, and ended downtown with some dancing!  We had a great time!

I had never been to an art party before, but I will definitely be going again.  What a great time!  You sign up with a group and all decide before hand on the piece you're going to paint.  They provide you all the materials, an instructor to take you step by step through the process, a great atmosphere, and a little sangria to give you some liquid courage!  It was a blast!  We all ended up with fantastic results!

The following weekend was the Sparks' wedding, and it was beautiful and fun!  Congratulations Alaine and Wes!

 They first teach you how to paint the background....

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