Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our DIY Shelves

I have gotten some amazing ideas from this blog I follow....  She posts great DIY ideas with all of the directions and shopping lists.  awesome!  She has plans to make everything from shelves and picture frames to entertainment centers and dining room tables.  It's pretty much the best blog ever if you're a crafter!  This year we made a few shelves for our house and are really pleased with how they turned out. 
These first ones are made from shipping pallets.  I cut them off, added a piece to the bottom to make a shelf, sanded just a little, stained and hung them up!  They are my absolute favorite!  The mirror in the middle is a project I did last year, made from an old window where I replaced the glass with mirror, painted and distressed the frame.  It's my 2nd favorite thing in our house :)
The original pallet I found cast away at the house construction site next door.  I could see its potential....
 I love character this one has with its blue paint, cracked planks, and gouges.  I added a 1x4 to the bottom to make it a shelf, and used a 'saws-all' to cut it off to the height I wanted. 
 Finished product.  love love love these and how they're all different.

 These white shelves are hanging in our loft upstairs which is James' playroom.  I wanted to display pictures of our family, and these shelves provide the perfect place.  We made them from a 1x3, 1x4, and 1x2.  Just screwed and nailed them together, then screwed directly into the stud on the wall.  Quick, easy, cheap, and I think they're pretty! 

This beige couch is not my ideal coordinating piece..but it does look a little better in person, and the curtains have beige in them.  It's not quite the sore thumb in the room as it appears here, but oh well.  :)  Love my colorful curtains though! 

 I can't remember if I already put the pictures of our Riddling Rack up or here it is again.  I wish I had a picture where the candles are lit and flowers are in the little vases, but you get the idea. 


arianna said...

You're so handy! Sounds like everything is going well for you! Tell the boys I said hello!!!! I miss you guys!

Regan Huneycutt said...

I LOVE the shelves you made from the palette -- they look amazing!!! Great work!