Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Fun...

Steven has had some time off this week because Division is taking block leave in preparation for deployment (which after yesterday's presidential address concerning Iraq, we're pretty sure won't happen...YAY!!) so we've been filling our days with lots of fun!  Here are some random pictures from this last week. 

We got out the paint and brushes and let James at them.  It was his first time painting and he really had fun.  He loved mixing the colors and using the paintbrush.  Thankfully, it was much less of a mess than I was expecting :)

 We've taken on a landscaping project in our back yard this week.  We purchased some landscaping timbers, cut them to form our design, and are currently still working on getting the grass up, transplanted, and/or killed so we're ready to plant in the spring.  This tree will be inside the bed and I need to come up with a pretty design that will look good for a long time...bushes, bulbs, plants....I'll have a plan by April :)  James was a big help, he picked up some of the small pieces of grass and put them in the wheelbarrow, ran around the yard, chased Lacy, kicked his ball, watered the transplanted sod, built towers with the scrap wood, and kept us busy.  Slept like a champ that night, too! 
 We went to the Richmond Hill Seafood Festival last weekend with our neighbors and good friends, Rachel and Wesley.  They had local restaurants selling their seafood delights, other festival fare, artists and craft booths selling stuff, and live music.  We had a nice time!  Of course, I only got two pictures the whole day...they had a kiddie booth where they could fish for a prize.  James got some bubbles, but apparently wasn't too excited about them.  ;) 

 Like clockwork every morning around 6:30, James comes into our room either ready to snuggle or play.  Some days we get a whiny kid who wants to Daddy, sometimes we get balls chucked at our heads, other days we are awakened to him yelling "CARS" and begging us to go play...but this day he walked into our room with his binkey in his mouth, pillow under one arm and puppy dog under the other wanting to snuggle.  This "snuggling" usually lasts all of 5 minutes until he's had enough, throws his binkey across the room and starts jabbering at full volume until we're up.  However, this time he slept hard for 2.5 hours.  Steven and I actually got up before him, had coffee and breakfast, and he was still asleep.  I had to snap this sweet picture. 

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