Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update: 21 months

For the record......

Steven James Fundingsland
  • 33 inches tall, 31.5 pounds, size 3T-4T shirts, 2T pants, size 7 shoes
  • Loves his matchbox cars and tracks, trains, and anything that goes "vroom"
  • Favorite foods: sweet potatoes, eggs, toast, milk, pasta, PB&J, cheese, bananas, meat, crackers
  • Boycotts all veggies except peas...loves those!
  • Can throw a serious (and I mean SERIOUS) tantrum.  screaming, stomping, kicking, and has no stop button...the kid can go forever...stubborn.  where did he learn this?? He must get it from Steven :)
  • Still loves his binkey and pillow.  We have the "binkey and pillow stay in bed" rule, but enforcing it is the root of every tantrum.  every stinkin one.  ugh. 
  • Likes to 'bounce' or jump, which is bending low then shooting up, getting one foot off the ground, sometimes two, but at least tiptoes, and then serious giggles. 
  • Plays chase, peek-a-boo, loves to read, build towers, push the stroller and bike, talk on the phone, put things in his pocket, brush his teeth, help unload the dishwasher, climb, jump, dance, open doors, put keys in keyholes, color, feed Lacy, play outside, go down the big slide, swing, play
  • Loves to watch our home videos and begs for them!  He points to the camera or computer and says "James."
  • knows almost all of his body parts...we're still working on ankles and wrists, but we'll get those soon.
  • repeats the last word of everything we say, or attempts to.  He loves yes and no questions and can answer them!  his 'yes' sounds like "yessss" and No is his favorite word...still.  :(
  • He knows his name, but he pronounces it "Base."
  • Words that actually sound right:  Daddy, Mom, no, please, peas, toast, eggs, mouse, bounce, cars, choo-choo, dog, bath, cheese, hi, bye, juice, ball, night-night, yes, door, shoes, moo, baa, roar, neigh, woof-woof, meow, the elephant sound, throw, flag, bus,
  • Words that don't sound right but we know what they mean:  binkey, pillow, milk, chase, thanks, Lacy, James, stairs, picture, pig, truck, tall, blocks,
  • Jabbers constantly.  He's talking in full and long sentences except he makes absolutely no sense.  It's all gibberish.  He is not putting together actual words yet...hoping for that soon.
  • Sleeping is going pretty well.  He stays in bed and only gets up once if any, just to get an extra hug, then is happy to go to bed.  He's sleeping from 7:30 to 6:00am.  6:15 if we're lucky.  We've tried moving around his bed time to try to get him to sleep a bit longer, but nothing has worked.  He's down to one nap per day, usually 11:00-1:00ish, but that's flexible.  He always sleeps 2 hours no matter what. 
  • Child care has been a struggle. We thought we'd pushed through the separation anxiety a few weeks ago, but then James got sick and hasn't been in a few weeks, and now we're back to square one.  frustrating.
  • Pouts and gives the strangest looks with his eyes. 
  • Whines and puts on a show like a master....where do they learn that stuff? 
We love our sweet big boy and have so much fun watching him grow, change, and learn something new every day. 


Legaspi Family said...

Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!!

Erin said...

I can't wait either!!! Can't wait to see all of James' new tricks in person.