Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nebraska Part II

July 12-15
While I was in Nebraska, I also had an amazing visit with my cousin Amanda and her growing family, husband Adam, Peyton, and soon to be baby Easton.  Adam is in the Air Force stationed at Offut Air Field in Bellevue, NE, which is just a short drive south of Omaha.  Their son, Peyton is seriously adorable and super smart!  He will be starting kindergarten this fall and is going to be a big brother very soon!  It was so great to see you all, hope we can see you again soon!

Check out Peyton's thumbs silly!

Peyton made us a snack.  He asked Amanda if she could help him get out all of the ingredients, but then he put them together and "cooked" it.  :-)  It was a concoction of vanilla wafers, pretzels, peanut butter, chocolate and lime juice.  He heated it all up and presented it on a little plate, one for me and one for himself.  Then he looked at me and said..."You try it first!"  hahaa!  It was actually pretty good, the lime juice gave it a little zip!

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