Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Post a Comment

I know a few of you have asked me how to post a comment on here, so here are some quick instructions:

1. Look at the bottom of any post and find the word that says “COMMENTS” and click on it. It is next to the “POSTED BY JENAE AND STEVEN AT xxxtime.”

2. Clicking on “COMMENTS” will open up a separate window that has the list of comments (if there are any) on the left and a box to write in on the right.

3. Type your comment in the box on the right.

4. “Choose an Identity” by selecting either the Name/URL, Open ID button, or Anonymous bullet. It will leave you a blank to write in your name if you choose.

5. Click the orange button “PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT” at the bottom and it will add your comment to the post and you should see it immediately in the column on the left!

At the top of that same page, you can go back to the blog by clicking “The Fundingsland Family.” Let me know if this was helpful!!

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