Thursday, December 24, 2009

James is HOME!!!

Finally! We are all home! it has been a crazy couple days, but we are feeling extremely blessed with an amazing baby boy! Here's what happened:

The day after James was born, Monday, we found out he had a high level of bilirubin (jaundice) and we'd need to keep him at the hospital for another day. We had to put him in the Bili-Bassinet...aka The Tanning Bed, for like 12 hours or so. We had to put him in these sad little sunglasses and stick him in there with just his diaper....all alone. it was not fun for any of us. Actually, James did surprisingly well, it was mommy and daddy who hated it! We know it was for the best, it's just hard not being able to hold your son.

Anyway, after two days and too many "sit and wait" situations, we were released. We got home on Wednesday afternoon around 2:00 and were so happy to finally be there! Jenae's family, who all came down for Christmas, was at the house ready to welcome us home. We celebrated our Christmas together and had a delicious dinner before we crashed. Jenae crashed hard...6 hours of sleep in 4 days will do that to you!

James had a great first night at home! He slept pretty well in his beautiful cradle and got up to feed about every 2 to 3 hours. He's a good little eater! He's blasting through his diapers and clothes like a champ! We are so happy (and tired) and thanking God for our amazing little blessing!

Here are a few pictures from days 2-4 of little James' life...they are not in any particular order, just wanted to get them posted quickly, sorry!

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

James' first car ride
Grandma Sue, holding James at home

The tanning bed, James has on his little sunglasses. so sad :-(

Mom and James, finally heard that we're released to go home! Calling family to expect us there soon!

Going Home Outfit...he's so dang cute!

Great Grandma Quance, holding James at the hospital the day after he was born.

The Fundingsland's. Merry Christmas!

Dad and James, ready to get out of that hospital!

Daddy burping James under his Bili-Blanket.

Grandma and Grandpa Dowling, meeting James for the first time!
G & G Dowling at home.

Grandma Sue

The cutest little smile ever!
(or gas!)

First nap during his first day home, in the gorgeous cradle!


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Schmit Family said...

Oh, what a honey! We can't wait to meet him! We are so happy that you all are finally HOME! Have a very Merry Christmas with your new little baby: )

Jody Trent said...

So glad you made it home for Christmas! :) Tell the family the Orendorffs and Trents say Merry Christmas!