Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Steps

James has been thinking about walking for the last month or so, and just in the last two days he's ventured out on his own wobbly two feet.  These two videos were captured this morning, what a happy day!  Thank goodness Erin and Mary were over here for 'Craft Thursday' to help us capture him on video!

James and I took a little road trip up to meet Steven for dinner in Bowling Green - the halfway point for both of us, and he got to see James' videos and get in on the walking action too.  :-) 


Erin said...

SOOOOOO EXCITING!!! Way to go James!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have James walk to Grandma! I love all the smiles!

see you soon!
mom sue

Anonymous said...

yeah little James! He is so cute.


Anonymous said...

Grandpa Steve in WA and Grandma Sue in IN can hardly wait for the NEXT posting! I hear he has teeth and is walkin' like a machine!I am thinking that your camera is broken?

Just kidding - you know I love you!
mama Sue