Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it home from the hospital this evening.  We took James to the ER Sunday morning with extremely labored breathing.  He wasn't eating, drinking, playing or anything, just lethargic and having a really hard time getting air.  We were counting his breathing, it should be 30-ish breaths a minute, 60 is considered an emergency situation, and James was averaging 70-74!  yikes.  needless to say, he needed some oxygen and professional care. 
They took another set of chest xrays on Sunday and they looked worse than the ones taken Thurs.  They admitted him and proceeded to give him breathing treatments, antibiotics, and steroids...not to mention some invasive respiratory therapy.  They had to go down his nose into his lungs with this syringe thing and suck out the stuff clogging him up....twice...while he was awake and screaming.  we were all in tears, i hope to never have to see him go through that again.  That being said, it definitely helped! 
The biggest problem we were having was maintaining his blood oxygen levels while he was sleeping.  He'd drop down between 86-90 and no pediatrician was comfortable with that.  They gave him oxygen during the last two nights, and about 4:00am today (Tues.) he turned the corner.  They took him off oxygen then, and he woke up a few hours later ready to play, read, eat, and get off of that hospital bed! He was like a brand new kid.  He kept his oxygen up all day, even during his nap, so they sent us home!  yay! 
This RSV is no joke, poor little kiddos can't cough or blow their noses hard enough to get that junk out, so it can turn into bronchiolitis or pneumonia quickly.  Thankfully he's a tough guy and handled being a patient very well, all the nurses loved him!
Thanks for all of your prayers, phone calls, emails, and support. I also apologize if you didn't find out about it until reading this.  the internet at the hospital was not very good, and honestly there really wasn't much time to write a post while dealing with everything.  ahhh...but we're home sweet home now, and I'm off to bed. 

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