Saturday, November 12, 2011


We took James to the Roundhouse Museum in downtown Savannah a few weeks ago.  The kid is obsessed with trains and we thought he'd love seeing all the cars and taking an actual train ride.  I was also hoping to get a few good pictures of him to suffice for his 2 year old photo shoot....that did not work out as planned.  I think I got 2 good ones, all the others he's making some crazy face, eyes closed, or scrunching his nose! 
Anyway, he really enjoyed the museum and we had a fun family day out!

 They had a little train for the kids to play in that had some driving gear and knobs for them to pull.  I think James said "Choo-Choo" about 800 times that day.  Loved it! 
 My one good picture of the day, above. 

 James saying "choo-choo" and pumping his arm like he's pulling the whistle. 

 They had this miniature city of Savannah set up that shows where all the tracks are and where the trains run.  They had about 12 trains running on this track and James loved walking around and watching them. 

 Train Ride!

 Looking out at the roundhouse.  We got to tour a few Officer Cars that held the President of the Georgia Railroad back in the 50's. 

If Steven would lose the shades and James would open his eyes, we might actually get a decent picture once in a while.  :(  boo. 

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