Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I got an email from Steven this morning, and he thinks he'll be starting the final leg of his journey home within the next two days...home by the weekend!! Keep your fingers crossed! On the 13th he signed over his $4+ Million worth of equipment to the Platoon Leader of the company that is replacing them, so he's been "Mission Complete" for a couple weeks. They have been packing, traveling and counting down the days...the flight home cannot come soon enough for them! He says to tell everyone hello and he can't wait to see most of you this spring and summer. I'll keep you posted on his flight plan. Keep them in your prayers.

Steven, I'm so proud of you and honored to be your wife. I love you and can't wait to have you home!


Anonymous said...

So exciting. I have been checking daily for more news. Love you both. Debe

Schmit Family said...

Yippy! Have a safe trip Steve!