Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Huge!

I'm almost 26 weeks! We took these pictures yesterday, so I'm actually only 25.5 it really matters! I keep growing, so baby must be doing well! I have my monthly OB appt this Wednesday, and hopefully my flu shots as well. Schools around here have been closing because more than 25% of their kids are out sick...and I coach at a high school!! I'm trying to not get too worried, but I'm making sure to wash my hands like crazy and keep germs off me :-)

Steven and I had a crazy weekend. I spend Friday and Saturday in Nashville at a volleyball tournament, and Steven worked all day Saturday from home. Yesterday we had a nice day together though, the sun was actually out for the first time in 2 weeks! We went to church, organized the bonus "man" room...which I invaded with my scrapbooking stuff because my craft room is now a nursery...cleaned out the garage, and I actually cooked a real meal for dinner for the first time in a while!

Steven's commander gets back this week, so hopefully he'll be able to focus on his XO job and not both his and the CO's. Maybe that will mean less work for him in the evenings...I sure hope so!
Have a great week!

25 weeks

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