Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Festivities

We had a wonderful and restful weekend at the cabin this past weekend. The cabin was even more beautiful than we imagined and the company was fantastic! I didn't get many girlfriends are much better photographers than I am, so I'm waiting to copy all of their photos. Until are just a few!

Our Beautiful Cabin

View off the back deck

Fog through the mountains on Saturday morning


The men before their mountain bike excursion...wish i had a picture of them all sweaty and smelly when they returned! They went to Sallee (sp) which is some famous biking park and had a great time!

The girls! This was just before we went to the Cirque de Chine show in Pigeon Forge.

Steven and Sofia. We both had a fun playing with the kids, they were so good all weekend!

Daniel, Erin and Claire Hubert

Erik and Lisa Wright

Me, Steve, and the baby bump!

The Movie Theater

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