Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Heirloom

We had gorgeous weather this weekend in Tennessee, and Steven and I spent quite a bit of time outside working on our baby cradle. We are so excited to have this cradle; it is the same one that he, his sister, Alicia, and his brother, David all used as babies. Steven’s mom, Terry, gave it to us when we were out in Washington this past April after talking about starting a family! We recently had it stripped of its old stain and polyurethane so we could start from scratch and refinish it. Here are a few before and after….well, more like before and middle, because we’re not done. We’ve sanded and put the first two coats of stain on it, but you’ll see we haven’t stained the bars yet on most of the sides or put on the lacquer finish. Anyway, we are so excited about the color and how it’s going to look when we’re done.

Also, to make this a super unique family heirloom…my mom is making special bedding for the cradle. We picked out some gorgeous white eyelet fabric when they came down to visit in September! Mom made fancy bedding and bumpers…and we can’t wait to see it!!! We hope that one day we’ll be able to pass it down to our kids, the cradle from Grandma Reynolds and bedding from Grandma Dowling! How cool!

Lacy loved being outdoors with us too. She just chills in the front yard while we work! The neighbor kids love to play with her, so they’re over all the time running around in the front yard. Fall colors are some of my favorite, and the mums on my porch are so pretty this time of year, and the berries on our holly trees in the front just turned red. Love the Fall!

Pre-Sanding and Staining

After the first two coats of stain

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