Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun

I'm 31 weeks today!! crazy how fast this pregnancy has flown by! I'm still feeling good, let's hope that keeps up!
We've had a busy couple of weeks. Steven has been working lots of long hours lately, and he's in the field this whole week...can't wait to see him Friday afternoon! I've been pretty busy at work, too, which is nice. My boss is in the process of trying to find someone to replace me, so it looks like my last few weeks here will be training someone else. I'm kinda going to miss this job!
Last Thursday my small group bible study ladies and I volunteered at the Nashville Zoo. We passed out candy to the kids and manned a few reminded me of when my family used to volunteer at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. We had a great time!

30.5 weeks

The Witches! We met at the church and drove down together. Fun Fun!!
L to R: Theresa, Jenny, Jenae, Sarah, Kelly
Sorceress Theresa
Jenny in our scary trees booth at the zoo...we passed out M&M's.
Sarah, Kelly and Theresa at their booth. They handed out kazoos...who wants a kazoo on Halloween?? I guess the zoo thinks that's a fun treat...maybe that's the candy.

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