Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anna's Shower and Bachelorette Party

This past weekend I went to Fort Wayne to celebrate my sister's upcoming wedding.  She will tie the knot on May 15 to her perfect match, Scott, and we're all pretty excited about it!  We started the festivities by making some decorations (idea via my great friend Erin...check out her blog "The Huberts" on My Blog List).  They are made of 10 sheets of tissue paper, folded like a fan, tied in the middle, and then separated to make these gorgeous puffy balls of fun!  :-) 

If you notch the middle before you tie your ribbon or wire in the middle, it makes the separating of tissues a little easier. 

The Bride to be, Anna. 

After the shower was the BACHELORETTE PARTY!
A few of Anna's closest friends came to celebrate and we had a great night.   First, we started the fun by decorating an outfit for Anna to wear.  We had lots of random decorating items that we attached to a t-shirt, tube socks, and a crown-veil!

She was smiling here, but in the car on the way to the bowling alley, these orange balloons mysteriously fell off???  hmmm.......she blames the car door, but we know the truth.  :-)  Hahaa!  Oh well, at least she still had the bird on her shoulder!

Sarah found Anna some new orange balloons, but we had the hardest time attaching them to her shirt!
There were prizes for the Winner, Loser, and most Strikes.  However, I should have given a prize for most inventive bowl...Sarah may have had a shot at a prize...  :-)  *just kidding, Sarah*  xoxo

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