Sunday, April 25, 2010

James' First Cereal

James had is four month appointment on Friday and everything looks great!  He is 14 lbs 14 oz and 24 3/4 inches tall which is right on the 50% mark on the charts.   His little bow legs and turned in feet are just fine, in fact, the doc said they are perfect for walking since babies center of gravity is low.  She also did this cool trick where she rubbed the outside of his foot, and James turned it everything is working like it should be!  Pheww!  We (well....mostly me) were worried!  However, we are getting referred to an ear, nose and throat doc to check out his little tongue.  He has always been a pretty poor sucker, and we think his tongue may be attached too tight.   Let's hope he doesn't have to get it clipped.  :-( 

Steven came home on Friday night and we had a nice time.  James was so excited to see him and was very full of smiles!  On Saturday morning we got up and fixed James' first bowl of rice cereal.  He was less than impressed to say the least!  We tried feeding him some more that evening as well, with pretty much the same results...furrowed brow, spitting it out, and finally screaming.  Oh well, that won't stop me....we're going to keep trying!  hahaa!  It will be a fun activity to pass the time....and get him ready for his bath.

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