Sunday, May 30, 2010

Married to my best friend...

Steven and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend!  Three years ago this Memorial Day weekend we tied the knot and have had an amazing journey so far!  We've made it through two moves, new friends, several new jobs and assignments, a deployment, pregnancy hormones :-), the birth of our first child, and now weekdays apart...but we couldn't be happier.  We are truly blessed to be together and to have found each other!  We thank God for our life, our love, and our family. 

To celebrate, we went out to dinner on Friday night...without James!  Erin so graciously offered to watch him so we could have a real date, even though her parents are in town visiting...we are so thankful!  We planned to go to a movie as well, but had a little drama getting tickets.  There were some big storms here and the power went out at the theater, so they were only accepting cash and the line to buy tickets was super long.  We ended up going out to dinner first instead and then didn't make our movie time.  However, it ended up being for the best because we took our time over our meal and really enjoyed each other's company and conversation.  It was perfect!  

In other news, James loves his jumper!  Kind of...  :-)  At least now he doesn't cry when we put him in there.  He doesn't really jump yet, but he turns himself around and is happy!

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Legaspi Family said...

Love love love the pictures of you at Steven! You look amazing. So glad you guys were able to celebrate and have an evening out. Happy Anniversary!!!