Wednesday, May 26, 2010


James had his first experience swimming in the baby pool outside today!  He and I went to my girlfriend Erin's house this morning to hang out, and he, Claire, and Sofia had fun playing in the water.  My friends Steph and Matt from Lexington gave James this little pool....actually, it's his bathtub, and he absolutely loves it!  He did really well today for about 10-15 minutes, but then the fun was over.  I can't decide if he got too hot or if the sun was too bright?  He definitely wasn't cold, it was like 85 by 11:00 this morning.  I love Tennessee!  Anyway, we'll keep trying, I'm sure he'll be a fish before too long, and once he can sit up on his own things will be easier too. 

Claire was helping James get his hat and sunscreen on.  how sweet are they!
And here the fun ends....oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better! 
Sofia (left) and Claire (right), such pretty little girls! 


Anonymous said...

I love to look at the Blog Jenae! Thank you for taking time to do this . . . makes Tennesee so much closer to "The Fort"

Looks like we will have another little swimmer (but he needs some melanin - Do you see all that white skin nedt to Claire?)
Have Fun! Love Mom

Erin said...

Jenae, the pictures are so cute! James did great and the more we get them in the water this summer the better he'll do. Like you said, when he can sit up on his own he'll be good to go! I only took pictures of James so I'm going to have to steal the ones of Claire off your blog if you don't mind :) See you on Sunday!