Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Splash Park

Fort Campbell has this super fun splash park for kids that's absolutely free!  It's located just inside gate 5...conveniently (for the mom's) behind the Starbucks!  James and I had a fun little outing last week with Erin, Daniel and Claire,  Amy and her kids Allison and Jacob,  and Holly and her boys!   James wasn't too pumped when i stuck his feet in the fountains, but I'm sure in another year he'll be all about it!  It's just nice to get together with friends and enjoy this Tennessee weather. 

What a little stud...sitting up all by himself! 

This is one of Holly's boys (Dillon, I think), he was so cute with James....tickling and talking to him, it was adorable! 
Erin and Claire
Claire was all about the splash park, running through the fountains and having a blast.  Amy's kids, Jacob and Ally, are in the background of this pic.  All of them are so sweet!
Claire running through the fountains.

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Erin said...

Such good pictures Jenae! I love the blue bucket in the driveway and you could tell he had a blast! Thanks for getting a picture of me and Claire too. I'm always the one taking the pictures so I'm never in any of them.