Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Boy...

James is always into something these days, and it's just so much fun!  We had some friends over a week ago, and we made a couch fort for the kiddos to play in.  James has decided that this is an extra cool activity since he's able to get onto the couch by himself and have his own little place to play peek-a-boo. 

I love this picture of him because I can tell he's right in the middle of babbling.  He's almost ready to say "mamaa" and "dadaa," and he gets those sounds out, but just not consistently or at the right times for him to mean it.  oh well, i'm sure in a few weeks we'll have all the "mamaa" and "dadaa" we can take!
He had also just finished petting Lacy and is covered in her hair.  This is a constant battle with no good solution...we just do lots of laundry. 

I love this pic of James and I.  Since I'm the one normally taking the pictures, I don't make it into many, so I'm glad Steven was home to capture this.  Plus, I just had to show off my new haircut...bangs!  I really like them! 
Since we don't have a playroom, the living room does double duty.  James has his basket full of toys which we hide in the corner on the side of the couch.  He loves getting back there, dumping out the toys and playing. 

What is it with this kid and the vacuum?  He loves it, I don't get it...but I'll tell you what...I'm counting the days until he's strong enough to push it...then the vacuuming duty is all his!!  hahaa! 

Check out that outfit...who dresses this kid?  not me!  ;-) 
He loves to push the chairs, bar stools, his toy car, books, whatever he can get his hands on, all over the place.  Today it was the bar stool in the kitchen.  He's so busy! 


Legaspi Family said...

What a little cutie pie! I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks when you visit!!!

Erin said...

Cute pictures, Jenae! He's getting so big and is so much fun these days.

Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate the time you take to do this? I love being able look and share James growing - makes the miles seem so much less - THank You!

James, Grandma thinks you are so cute!
G'Ma Sue