Friday, October 1, 2010

9 Month Update

James has had a busy month of growing and changing.  With that, he's also much more mobile so I'm chasing him all over the place, and in turn, I have been a horrible picture taker.  Sorry.  When I talk to my mom on the phone she's always saying, "you need to write that down!"  I've pretty much decided that this blog is going to be his baby here it is:
22.5 lbs - 75%
27 in - 50%
At nine months, these are James' favorite things to do:
  • He's walking behind his little car, and when he gets to the sofa or wall, he steps around it and pushes it away from the wall from the other side!  what a smart kid!  ;-)  Either that or he keeps slamming it into the wall, hoping it will keep moving forward, while screaming for me to come turn it around...ahhhh!
  • He still LOVES his bath time, and now he's laying down in the tub and putting his mouth in the water.  It kinda grosses me out, and I hope he's not drinking too much!  He does come up coughing once in a while, but mostly he just gets bubbles on his face and then laughs!  I think I'll take him to the pool next week and teach him how to blow bubbles.  He also loves to chew his foam alphabet letters.
  • In the kitchen, he throws and chases this little hard plastic cup.  It makes tons of noise on the tile floor.  He has resigned pretty much completely from the exersaucer.  He'll play with the toys from the outside a little, but he's not a big fan of being put in that thing anymore. 
  • James likes to play "Fort" under the kitchen table.  He's just the right size where he can stand up and walk around between the chairs.  He even ducks his head when he's near the edge.  This usually ends in me crawling under there to get him out, which is not so much fun! 
  • When I walk into his room to pick him up from bed, he usually greets me with a smile while jumping up and down, holding on to the side of the crib.  
  • Cabinet doors are his favorite.  He loves to open them all the way up and then slam them closed.  He's had a few smashed fingers, but he still goes back for more!
  • He holds his bottle by himself while lying flat on the floor.  I know it sounds funny, but that's how he likes it! 
  • James loves his Farm Animals book, I bet I read it 20 times a day!
  • Lacy!  He chases, pets, aggravates, and adores her.  wish that was a reciprocal feeling.
  • The Vacuum Cleaner:  He is obsessed!  James loves it, I have no idea why, but it does make the chore a little more challenging when your kid tries to climb on it while you're vacuuming!  Even when it's just sitting in the room, it's his toy of choice.  We all know what his chore is going to be here in a few years!  YES! 
  • Food:  He eats everything I put in front of him....kind of.  It has to be almost completely pureed or mashed up.  I don't get it.  He will chew on a chunk of something for a few seconds but will never swallow it.  I've tried everything...any tips?  He just doesn't like to swallow chunks/finger food!
  • Still no actual words yet.  He does vocalize a lot and has grunts and noises for everything, but he hasn't put it into words.  However, he is starting to wave bye-bye once in a while, and he knows the sign for "more" at the table but , I'm not sure he knows the content to use it!
  • He goes to bed between 7:00-7:30 and sleeps until about 6:30-7:00.  He takes two, two hour naps a day and loves his bed.  I just lay him down awake and he goes to sleep on his own...thank God!
  • No more teeth yet, just the bottom two, but I feel like he's been teething FOREVER....i hope they come through soon! 
  • James loves his daddy!  When Steven walks through the door on Friday nights, he squeals and races towards him!  James doesn't take his eyes off Dad all weekend, they are best buddies!  

I walk into James' room to pick him up from bed, and this is what I find.  He's taken his whole arm out of his funny! 
Again, these are not good pictures, but every time I get out the camera, James crawls towards me to attack!  He loves everything electronic which does not help when trying to get a cute photo of him! 



He loves his ball! 


Legaspi Family said...

Such a fun age! Looks like you have a great sleeper too. It's the best!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks and see James in action!

Erin said...

He is getting so big so fast. He is such a cute little boy and will grow up to be a great son-in-law...........hahaha!

Holly we're looking forward to going to visit you in LA too:)

Anonymous said...

Jenae, your mom is trying to teach me how to use this comment box! Grma G

Anonymous said...

Welcome to boyhood! James sounds like he would fit in well with my boys. :) By the way I love love love your Halloween wreath. So great. xo, Jody