Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nap Time = Craft Time

Today, during James' two naps I got a whole lot done!  I have a couple baby showers to attend in the next few weeks, and since I've been feeling a little crafty lately, I wanted to try my hand at some embellished burp cloths and pretty bows.    I will do a few things different next time, but I'm pretty pleased with the results in my 4 hour time span today!  yay!  I'd like to take credit for the ideas myself, but I can't.  Erin made a few last week and I copied her ideas, but hey, that's where most of our good ideas come from...someone else!

I started with a few strips of fabric that coordinate, ironed down the seams and then sewed. 
I sewed the gingham before i attached it to the cloth, but the polka dots piece i sewed directly onto the cloth.
Next time I'll use brown thread instead of pink, but it's all part of the learning curve.  I then ruffled and pinned the gingham and sewed it with one big zig-zag stitch down the middle so the sides are nice and frilly. 
I turned it over and closed the seam with a quick sew down the back side.
I made two burp cloths with this fabric.  No ruffles on this one, but still quite pretty!
I had a little left over fabric and decided to try a new pattern.  Again, copied this idea from a dress Erin made for her daughter, but i think it's super cute here too.  The edges will fray a bit, but I like that, kind of a whimsical feel. 

I finished with a few bows.  I attached them to little alligator clip barrettes....sometimes when I'm feeling crafty I wish James was a Jamesette....  :-)  just kidding!


Erin said...

Jenae they look GREAT! I love the zigzag stitch that you did on the burp cloths. I'll have to try that next time too. Everything looks so good!

Legaspi Family said...

Very cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenae, I'm glad to see that you are using your sewing skills! What was your first sewing project with me, when you were about 10.
I thought you were talking about burlap! instead of a burp cloth. No wonder it looks soft enough to be a diaper! Grma G Q