Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween Wreath

Now that the holiday season is almost among us, Erin and I decided we need to do a craft a week until Christmas!  This week we decided to do this amazingly beautiful and not so spooky Halloween wreath.  We shopped for the goods yesterday and put it all together today.  We had a blast and besides a few glue gun burns, it was very fun and easy! 

First we got all of our gear set up.  I busted out Steven's old sewing machine that, thankfully, worked very well, and Erin brought hers over. 
Next we spray-painted the wreaths black and the "BOO" letters orange. 
glitter next, of course. 
We chose 10 different types of ribbon and cut them into 12 x 4.5 inch strips. 
Next, loop the ribbons and sew them together with enough seam allowance to split the ends so you can hot glue them to the wreath. 

Cut the ribbons apart and then start gluing them to the wreath.  Watch your fingers, that hot glue burns! 

We attached the letters right to the ribbon with the glue as well.  We're pretty pleased with our work!  Fun little project! 
Now the question is....what to do next Thursday? 


Erin said...

I had a lot of fun Jenae. And I think our wreath turned out pretty darn cute! I'll be brainstorming about next Thursday.

Rob and Delilah said...

I know what you can do next week, make ME something cute! :) Hahaha. Great job, girls!

Regan Huneycutt said...

Great job on your wreath! Glue gun burns are the worst - hope you are ok.

Legaspi Family said...

To answer your question of what to do next thursday I have an idea...make me one LOL! You guys are so crafty. They turned out super cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

How Pretty! (you do remember how to use that sewing machine!)

Check out the Family Fun Magazine for some project ideas - we used to find lots of fun, inexpensive ideas - kid food ideas as well.

I do Enjoy your blog