Thursday, September 16, 2010

Check out that belly!

The kid is getting huge!  I took him to the doctor today for a follow up appointment from last week and he weighs 22.5 lbs!  This whole month he's been struggling with allergies and breathing...mainly just sounds like he's got stuff in his throat he can't clear.  Anyway, last week he started wheezing and I took him in to see the doc...who said he had Bronchiolitis which is swelling and mucus buildup in the smallest air passages in the lungs usually due to a viral infection.  They gave him an inhaler and put him on Zyrtec and he's doing much better this week.  In fact, he's off the Albuterol inhaler now, but Doc's keeping him on the Zyrtec just to be safe. 
I snapped these pictures of him over the weekend.  Virus and all, he's a happy boy...never a fever or fuss.  Can't ask for more! 
Check out that big belly!!!

He cannot get enough of this little car.  He walks it all over the house, runs over anything in his way, rams it into the walls and couches, just has a ball.  He even takes his hands off and stands on his own for a few seconds before grabbing back on and walking some more! 
I'm gonna get ya!
The nurse gave me this little mask to help pound on his back to loosen up the junk in his chest, supposed to resemble a cupped hand.  However, James finds it much more amusing to wear than for me to bang it on his back!  hahaa. 
At Erin's house a few days ago James played in this little car...I call it the Flinstone-mobile because you have to use your feet to get it to move.  James could actually do it, just backwards though! 
I love his cute little feet in this picture. 


Erin said...

He's so happy! I love it!

Anonymous said...

He is a smiley boy! And such a cute belly!

Have fun