Tuesday, September 14, 2010

80's Party!

This past weekend our friends Keith and Mary threw a 1980's themed party to celebrate Keith's birthday.  It was an absolute blast!!  It was seriously one of the best  parties I've been to...ever...and I was the DD!  Super fun! 
James wanted to try on his Daddy's wig...I hope he doesn't look like this when his hair finally grows...yikes!
The extremely stylish and fashion forward females.
A hillbilly, a few rockers and a preppy...lookin good!
Keith and Mary, the amazing hosts and stars of the party! 
Ya, we look THAT good!  Now you can see where James gets his coloring!  check out those white legs!  oh baby!
  The super hot rocker couple, Erin and Daniel.  And yes, Daniel is wearing skin-tight zebra pants!  they were awesome and proved extremely efficient for the break dancing that took place later in the night.
Jess and Steve, the FlashDancer and Rocker.  These two are so much fun, wow, we need to hang out with them more! 
Joe and Christina, the preppy couple! 
Jess and Christina.
Keith and his tight rolled pants.
Mary made these delicious desserts from scratch:  Banana Cheesecake, Tiramisu, and Chocolate Cherry Cake.
Mary presented these amazing tiramisu martini desserts to Keith and I for our birthdays and everybody sang, it was so sweet.  Thanks for thinking of me Mary, it was so nice! 
So someone got the great idea that since we were all looking so fine, we should go show ourselves off.  We ended up going to O'Connors Pub, dancing our tails off, and having a blast! 

Daniel's dancing skills were on point!  He was tearing up the dance floor!
Awww...who is this gorgeous couple?  ;-)


Erin said...

Great pictures Jenae! You captured some great moments at O'Conners too! What a blast.

Mandy Brajuha said...

Now THOSE are some drama eyes Miss Jenae!