Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girl's Night Out...

Oh how I miss my girlfriends.  I made some truly amazing friends in Clarksville, the kind of relationships that will last forever, and boy, have I missed them these last three months!  Thankfully, Holly, Erin and Lisa were able to make a trip to Savannah last week to have a fun filled girl's week!  Erin and Holly both have three year old girls, and Lisa and Erin are both pregnant...so it was actually more of a girls and kids week!  It was awesome.  We had such a great time together, visiting, eating, beaching, catching up, shopping, laughing...and talking...into the wee hours of the morning.   Well, actually probably til about 12:00 or 1:00am...but to moms with kids that get up at 6:30, those are the wee hours!  :)   I got my friend reserve filled back up and can hopefully make it until we get together again!  I'm also praying for some new friends here in Georgia...I know...patience...the friends will come...I'm just anxious. 

Anyway, on Wednesday night, Steven volunteered to watch the kids so we could go have dinner and explore a little of Savannah.  We went downtown to City Market (a cute square that has a fountain, restaurants, and shops) and ate at Belfords.  It was amazing!  Afterwards, we walked to Wright Square where we met for our Haunted "Ghost" Tour.  Our guide was very good and we learned lots about the history of Savannah and the spirits that are said to still haunt it.  In addition to the scary stuff, I found out about many more old homes that are now museums that I'll need to explore.  Looking forward to really getting to know our new city. 

 Holly, Erin, Jenae, Lisa

 Pretty flowers in City Market Square
 Dining at Belfords
 Erin and Holly
 Me and Lisa

 Our Ghost Tour began with a full moon........ooooooohhhhh  spooky!
 Spanish moss grows on all of the Live Oaks down here, except this one pictured below.  All of the trees around it have moss, but this tree grows over the place where the gallows were originally located.  The tale is that a pregnant woman was sentenced to death for killing a man, and as soon as the baby was born she was hanged.  14 days later the baby died too, and the mother still lives in these trees, searching for her baby.  yes, be scared.  I'm a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, but it is extremely strange that there is no moss on this tree...I could possibly be convinced.  we'll see...

Below is the remodeled, but original structure for a children's hospital from back in the day (not sure what days...I need to do some more research), but it's said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah.
Do you see any Orbs?  Ghosts?

 Below is a beautiful mansion made completely of cast iron.  Savannah burned down twice in the past, and to ensure against that, some built their homes completely out of iron.  crazy.  extremely beautiful.  haunted. 
 Cemetery downtown.  haunted, too. 

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Legaspi Family said...

Another fun night with great friends!!! Thanks for arranging such a wonderful night and a big Thanks for watching the kiddo's!!