Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He misses them...

James had a blast with his two little girlfriends this week.  Claire and Ava play hard, non-stop, and James was loving every minute!  He played tea party, dress up, blocks, dance party, ran races, took rides in the dump truck, got his hair name it, he was just happy to have some friends!  It really was awesome.  He smiled and giggled more with these girls than I've ever seen him before.  He misses them! 

 Claire blow-drying and putting barrettes in James hair. 

 James going for a ride in his truck.  Every time I see the picture below I crack up!  Claire was trying to get him out and this seemed like the best place to pull.  Hahaa!  Don't worry, grandmas and grandpas, we didn't let it go too far! 
Below, the girls were cracking James up at the dinner table with their funny faces.  He was laughing so hard...I wish I would've had video, it was hilarious! 


Legaspi Family said...

James is such a sweetie pie and just went with the flow! We sure do miss you guys too!!!

Anonymous said...

hi jenae and james this is is Great Grandma Dowling!

come see us soon!