Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna & Scott

My sister and brother in law came down last week for a few days to recouperate from their hectic summer and spend some time with us.  We had a very relaxing week spent at the beach, downtown Savannah, the pool and just enjoying some time together at home.  Anna has a special gift when it comes to children, and James just had oh-so-much fun with his Aunt and Uncle! 

 We took a tour at the Owens-Thomas house downtown which was the first home in the country to have running water...even before the White House!!  It had some amazing architectural details inside and out, as do so many of the homes in Savannah, and beautiful gardens in the courtyard.  James is cheezing it up, as usual...but lately he's really been scrunching his eyes when he says "cheese" for the camera.  hey, at least it's a smile! 

 At the beach we found a live starfish and sand dollar, very cool!  I've never actually held live ones, and was amazed at how the sand dollar digs and buries itself in the sand and the starfish moves fairly quickly with its prickley litte legs. 

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