Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dad's visit and fun with the Trents

My dad took an extended Labor Day vacation and came down on Wednesday to spend a few extra days with us.  My girlfriend Jody and her family were also down here for a Labor Day vacation and we met up with them in Hilton Head and had a wonderful day of fun.  Their condo was located in the beautiful Sea Pines Plantation on the south side of the island.  The plantation is host to an adorable petting zoo along with stables, the beach, Harbor Town, golf courses and beautiful scenery.  We hit up the petting zoo first where they boys had a did we!  There were pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, deer, horses, lammas, ponys, and rabbits....james giggled and ran around, loving every minute of it.  His grandpa Jim even got him a pony ride!  We went to the beach after that and then back to the condo for a BBQ lunch.  We then took a nice walk through the plantation down to Harbor Town for some ice cream and window shopping.  It was so nice to catch up with Jody and Mike, spend some fun time with my dad and enjoy the beautiful South! 

Thank you, Trent family, for such a fun day and spectacular hospitality! 

below:  Grandpa showing James how to feed the animals
This deer was just out loose in the petting zoo and pretty friendly...very neat!

He wasn't too pumped about this helmet...I really thought he was going to throw a fit, but he wore it like a big boy on his pony ride.

 Eli on the pony with Jody and Noah
 Noah, Eli and James checking out the pig.  Mike and my dad both tried to feed this got nibbled and Mike about lost a his hand!  everyone was okay :)

 When we got back the kids were chilling out to "Batman" on the portable DVD player.  pretty cute to see them huddled around it.
 We then found them cuddled in the corner playing with their transformers and cars, scrunched between the glass door, the couch, the floor lamp, and the chair!

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Regan Huneycutt said...

Looks like a really fun day!