Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jenae Fundingsland Photography...

So, I started a little photography business.  I went with the big, long winded name, I know, how original!  I figure it still may be easier to remember than something a little more flashy....if they know my name, they can find my website!   Go check it out and let me know what you think...or book a session with me!  For all you Ft. Wayners, I'll be home in August or September for a couple weeks, just keep me in mind!

I'll tell you what, it was exhausting trying to get this thing going!  I never understood how much work went into starting a website, figuring out who's hosting it, transferring servers, buying a domain, starting a database....frankly, I still don't understand it all!  I just know that I must have done something right because when you type it in, my site shows up!  pheww!  Now I just need some clients!  I know it will start slow, I need to do some mini sessions and some beach shoots, get my name around town, but hopefully this thing will work...I really want it to!  Saying some prayers!

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