Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two and a half already!

James has been rockin our world lately!  I know every mother says that...but seriously!  I feel like he's changed so much in that last two months!  First off, his vocabulary has totally developed, we can now actually understand at least two thirds of the words that come out of his mouth!  Before, Steven and I were the only ones who could understand his little language, but now he actually can articulate and pronounce words correctly.  He really works at repeating how we say things, and when he practices one and gets it right he throws his arms us and cheers "I did it!!"  so stinking adorable! 
This last week he's also started saying "Let's do it!"  after we ask if he wants to go outside, or take a bath, or whatever, it's hilarious!  sounds like "wet's doooooooooo it! "

About a month ago we decided it was time to lose the "Binkey"  (pacifier).  Our rule has been that Pillow and Binkey stay in bed, and he was constantly testing and pushing that rule, causing some ugly tantrums, so it was time for his "Bo Bee Bee" to go!  The binkey fairy came one afternoon at nap time, took his binkey to a new little baby who really needed one and left our big boy a few toys in exchange.  An awesome Apache helicopter and a really cool "Cars" bedtime cup were waiting for him when he woke up, and he actually never really cried about it being gone.  He did ask for his BeeBee a few times, but we said that it was gone and another baby had it, he just said "oh, ok" and that was it!  He still has his squishey pillow and we won't take that away :) 

Unfortunately, about a week after the binkey disappeared, he got Hand Foot Mouth disease and we were really wishing he had it to help him soothe himself to sleep.  There were quite a few rough nights with itchy feet and fever, but he really got off easy with no mouth sores!  Thank heaven! 

James has just started being able to pedal his tricycle and wants to ride his bike everywhere.  He says "I ride my bike, I go to Bonnie's house."  Bonnie is our neighbor one house over, and he rides to her driveway, turns himself around and rides back to our house.  Such a big boy.  He also stops to pick up every worm along the way that has cooked itself on the sidewalk to throw back into the grass.  weird. 
He also loves to build anything in the garage with us.  We had this little bird nest in our backyard, so James and I built a bird feeder last week.  He helped me hammer in all the nails and fill it with bird seed.  I think, however, that i called it a bird house while we were making it, so now he wants to build a "birdie house" out of everything!  We've been using Steven's box of scrap wood and stacking them up each day to build birdie houses...he makes them out of cards, cars, blocks, books...everything can be a birdie house in this kids' mind! 

I'm still chopped liver when Steven is home...which is okay.  Seeing James and Steven together about melts my heart and makes me fall in love all over again!  Each night we all read books before bed and then James and his daddy snuggle to sleep.  I sometimes stand outside the door and listen in.  James tells him all about his day, what he did and what he's going to do tomorrow.  They talk and talk, James will grab his face and kiss him, and then he turns around, digs right into Steven's chest and falls asleep.  adorable.  The first thing he then says to us in the morning is "Play cars, Daddy??  Play cars, Mommy"  The kid is obsessed with cars.  wow.  still! 

Random things:  He can count to 13, knows how many fingers to hold up for each number 1-5, says his ABC's, loves to sing songs and amazes us with the ones he knows, really interacts with the TV cartoons and loves chocolate milk!  When we're driving, he knows which direction to turn to get us to the house and where his friend Miles lives.  He loves to snuggle when we watch movies, and will never ever turn down a snack.  After his bath he wants to be wrapped up the the towel, "wrap me around!" then he sheds the towel, and runs in circles around the loft and wants me to run in circles with him.  He loves to swim with his goggles and water wings, he jumps off the side to us, going way underwater!  He runs to the window each time he hears a plane or helicopter and counts how many there are. He's very good at using "please, thank you, ok mom, and may i be excused."

Ohhh...potty training.....we gave up!  for a little while, at least.  he will just not go #2 on the toilet.  He'll sit and toot and push and then get up, 10 seconds later go in his pants.  ugh and ewwweee!    so, we're postponing it for a few months then we'll just try again.  That's the advice we've been given over and over, so we're taking it! 

Cannot believe our sweet little baby is a 35 pound two and a half year old already! 

 With his two hammers (above)  and his "Birdie House" (below)

 Helping mom make and eat cupcakes!
 His poor little feet from Hand Foot Mouth....this was a good day, it got worse.  he's all better now :)

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