Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finally a Big Brother!

James has been so excited to meet his little sister!  He stayed home with grandpa during the birth and early the next day, he and Anna came up to see us.  He ran into the room and said, "Mom, where's your baby?" and "Mom, your stomach opened up and Elaine popped out...can I see your stomach?"  (I have no idea where he heard that, I did not teach him that!!)
He wanted to hold her right away and kept kissing her and saying "Hi Elaine!"  It was probably one of the most precious moments I've had as a mother.  So sweet.  He also brought her a present that he and grandpa picked out yesterday and kept showing it to her.  oh, I love that boy! 
Unfortunately, after grandpa took him back home for bed, they had a rough night.  James didn't eat much dinner, but was pretty happy.  Then about a half hour after he went to bed, woke up and got sick all over his whole bed.  Grandpa was amazing and cleaned everything all up, but it was a little crazy there for a while.  He kept saying, "Grandpa, this is so nasty!"   That's right, buddy...nasty.

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