Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow in the South

We finally got a little taste of winter here this past weekend.  On Friday evening the snow started and didn't stop until Saturday afternoon.  We accumulated about 6 inches in total!  What cracks me up is that schools were closed on Friday...because the weatherman said the snow would come on Friday...did i mention that it didn't actually start snowing until about 3:00pm that afternoon?  yeah...they are a little too precautious on the closings.  AND schools have been closed both today and Monday, it's insane.  The roads are perfect...wet, but safe.  Oh well, gotta love the south! 

My parents came into town on Thursday night and we had a wonderful weekend.  Friday we basically relaxed all day and then went out to dinner that evening during the blizzard.  :-)   Saturday my Dad and Steven went to the range and did some shooting.  My dad came back to the house pretty pumped about all the different types of guns he got to shoot.  He had a great time and Steven says that he's a pretty good shot!  My mom and I just hung out and enjoyed our visit, and then Saturday night we went to Regan's house for a super fun wine tasting party.  Of course, I forgot to take my camera ...you'll have to check out Regan's blog Huneycutt Happenings for pictures of the party. 

Sunday we made home made cinnamon rolls and then mom and dad took off around 10:30ish.  We had a blast and were sad to see them go.  mom was sure James was going to smile this weekend, but no luck yet.  He's been pretty gassy and uncomfortable for the past few weeks, so when he's awake, he's sad and crying usually.  No happy faces so far.  We'll keep you posted!

Lacy loves the snow!  We take her out to play and she runs around, chases snowballs, and burrows down into the snow.  it's so cute.  Unfortunately, Steven is in the field all week so she's missing her playmate.  James isn't ready to go out and play yet, so Lacy will just have to play by herself in the backyard.  :-( 

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