Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank You! Thank You!

The doorbell rings, dog barks like crazy, I think it's another pest control service salesman at the door, I approach apprehensively, no one's there!  I see the mail man drive away, open the door and find a cute little package on my doorstep.  It's from Courtney, one of the girls who played on my high school volleyball team this year, and her mother, Jennifer.  I open it up and this gorgeous hand made quilt is inside.  These two wonderful ladies MADE this amazing quilt for James!   It is seriously so beautiful, I had to share with everyone!  These animals are quilted on there too...each smile, eye, and ear stitched on with perfect precision.  I am in awe at the skill it takes to make something this gorgeous.  I can't say it enough, Thank You, THANK YOU!  James and I will cherish this always! 

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