Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Fun

Christmas was very fun this year.  James had a blast opening his presents and playing with all of his new toys.  Steven, James and I did our little Christmas at home before heading to Ft. Wayne. 

 James' first Christmas present - a huge dump truck filled with Mega Blocks.

 We found this awesome 3-way tricycle thing...switches from a tricycle ,to a rider that we push, to a rocker.  super cool! 
 I got Steven a drill press, storage shelves, Dremmel, and a few other things for the garage, he was pretty pumped!  He totally surprised me with a Nook Color, Keurig, and other wonderful stuff.  Fun Christmas!
 James didn't want to go to bed...  :(
 This was Christmas Morning up at my parent's house.  Greg & Sarah and Anna & Scott were there too.  We did our gift exchange in the morning, then grandparents and Aunt Jan joined us in the afternoon for Christmas Dinner.  We had such a nice time and feel so blessed that so much of our family was together. 

 This fun toy has a little track the balls roll down then a fan that pops them up out of the top.  James loves this, in fact, he's played with this and the blocks non stop since we've been back home.  we wish there was a volume control on that may be going back to Grandma's house!  :)  just kidding.

 Four Generations.  Great Grandpa Clarence Dowling, Grandpa James Dowling, Mom Jenae 'Dowling' Fundingsland, Son Steven James Fundingsland.

Aunt Jan joined us this year, too!  So great to see her!

Dec 26th we celebrated Quance Christmas (my mom's side) at my parent's house.  The Ugliest Sweater and Most Festive Contests were in full effect.  Steven won the Ugliest Sweater and I won the Most Festive prize with cousin Daniel coming in at a super close 2nd place.  This is the dress and hat I made for the contest, I'm glad all that hard work paid off!   There were some amazing outfits! 

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